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Geico review: The best car insurance app

Geico review: The best car insurance app

Read this car insurance app review before downloading the GEICO mobile app for iPhone or Android. You can acquire GEICO insurance rates, update insurance claims, pay your bill, and show your digital insurance cards all through the GEICO car insurance app, which continues to be the gold standard by which other applications are measured. Depending on the device you own, you may or may not be able to use this app, but it will give you access to everything the website has to offer.

Due in large part to the company’s extensive advertising campaign starring Maxwell the Pig, the GEICO car insurance app may be one of the most well-known insurance-related smartphone applications available. GEICO Insurance Agency continues to be the benchmark against which other apps are measured, despite the fact that numerous other insurance firms have dipped their toes in the smartphone mobile app pool.

What is the GEICO app, and which devices are compatible with it?

GEICO Mobile - Car Insurance app

Almost all mobile devices that have entered the mainstream market come with the GEICO car insurance app.

This covers the less popular Kindle Fire device as well as the iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets.

Since they are all built on the same software, the user experience will be quite same across all of the devices. The same is true of the features offered, with new ones (typically) being added to all devices at the same time or close to it.

What are the car insurance app features?

The Geico car insurance app features

The GEICO car insurance app can essentially replace their website, unlike many other insurance business mobile apps. Nothing of significance that you can perform on the full website that cannot be done on the mobile app was found during our analysis. This indicates that regardless of the type of access you have, the quality of the service is maintained.

The app offers the following features:

  • Obtain a new estimate for your auto and insurance policy.
  • View claim status
  • up-to-date details on claims
  • Pay the premium invoice.
  • Display cellular IDs
  • Check the limits of your insurance coverage.
  • View any potential savings possibilities
  • Make a roadside assistance call (if your insurance policy includes it)
  • Change personal data, including vehicle and driver information

Does the app have good ratings on Google Play, iTunes, or Amazon?

Surprisingly, Google Play, the iTunes Store, and Amazon all have positive reviews for this smartphone application.

Over 18,000 reviews with an average rating of 4.0 are available in the iTunes Store as of this writing. A 4.5 star average across nearly 60,000 reviews is displayed on Google Play.

It should be noted that Google Play’s review procedure is significantly simpler than Apple’s, which is why popular apps like this one typically have a lot more reviews. Additionally, because the evaluations are simpler to rig than those on iTunes, they frequently produce a higher star rating.

Even the download page for the GEICO car insurance app on Amazon displays an overwhelmingly high amount of favorable reviews. Out of the 28 recent reviews, 16 have five stars, with a four-star average.

What arre the pros and cons of this car insurance app?


  • Use easily
  • permits alterations to policies
  • provides price quotes for new insurance plans
  • You can access digital insurance ID cards on your phone.


  • App not working on some devices, according to reports

It is undoubtedly a deal breaker when an app doesn’t function, but in this instance it depends on the device you own. Additionally, we advise against using the app while driving for your own safety.

Customer Reviews for Geico

The majority of policyholder reviews of Geico insurance are favorable. The company’s competent insurance agents are praised by many clients for simplifying and streamlining the claims procedure. The billing and policy change procedures are described as being simple in other reviews.

The majority of the reviews for Geico are positive, however there are some that are unfavorable. Long wait periods on hold and poor communication between the insurance adjuster, body shop, and consumer when dealing with damages are common themes.

Customer Support for Geico Car Insurance

We surveyed 6,923 people on their satisfaction with their auto insurance in August 2022 across the country. Geico is the third most popular supplier in our study, with 16% of participants reporting they have a Geico car insurance app policy.

In comparison to the survey’s general average, these are the customer ratings for Geico:


What’s the verdict on this application?

Due to the fact that app is currently all the rage, it’s common for huge corporations to make clumsy attempts at developing apps. Their apps typically have very low quality and provide very few functional features.

GEICO’s app is unique.

Nearly all of the features you would need are featured in the app, which was created to replace the insurer’s website. Through this app, you may quickly access any information on the internet that you might need. A person can effectively manage their whole insurance portfolio, submit claims, and update account information all from a phone or tablet.


Geico is renowned for its broad coverage, affordable rates, and high level of customer satisfaction. If you’re looking around for car insurance app, it might be a smart idea to contact this provider.

Geico, which is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, is available in all 50 states as well as Washington, DC. The low prices and excellent client satisfaction are only two of the numerous factors that set this carrier apart from its rivals. This, along with a low national complaint rate and award-winning digital features, makes for a real winner. Geico appears on several of our rankings of the best car insurance app because of this.

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