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Top 10 Best Car Insurance Companies Recently

best car insurance companies

The best car insurance companies offer their customers more than simply the desired level of insurance at a competitive price. Additionally, they offer a customer-first experience that makes it simple to manage policies and payments.

We examined customer experience, financial strength, and customer claims data to identify the best car insurance companies. We also looked at the types of insurance available and how simple it is to contact the insurance company online for a quote or claim.

Here are our best car insurance providers for 2022.

The Best Car Insurance Companies

1. American Family

American Family

We rank American Family as the best car insurance provider of all the best car insurance companies for 2022. It also excels in discounts, including savings on multiple car purchases, and lock-in ends Learn to drive defensively, and take students to school.

American Family ranks #1 overall in the Southwest region and top of 12 midsize insurers in J.D.’s 2021 customer satisfaction study. Power in terms of satisfaction with the insurance buying experience. American Family was commissioned by J.D. Power ranks 7 out of 18 companies in 2021 in customer satisfaction with auto insurance claims.

In some areas, American Family offers savings to drivers for a variety of reasons, such as loyalty, having passed a safe driving course, and being a school student. In addition, the business offers driver monitoring applications that allow responsible drivers to receive discounts.

2. NJM



As one of the few best car insurance companies with a five-star rating, NJM offers some of the most affordable conventional car insurance premiums. However, only five states provide their own policies.

In customer satisfaction assessments conducted by J.D. Power performed, New Jersey Manufacturers (NJM) Insurance earned an excellent rating. The U.S. Auto Insurance Satisfaction Study 2021, which measures overall customer satisfaction, ranks first among 14 mid-Atlantic insurers.

NJM offers all required auto insurance premiums as well as optional extras like new auto replacement and pet insurance, which covers your pet’s medical expenses in the event of an accident. they are injured in a covered driving accident. In the event your car is stolen or damaged, you can also purchase void insurance to assist with loan repayment.

3. Amica


Amica is a great choice for most drivers due to its high customer satisfaction ratings and some discounts.

Amica ranked second among 12 medium-sized best car insurance companies in terms of insurance shopping satisfaction in J.D.’s 2021 study. Power and first in overall satisfaction in the New England area. Amica is J.D. Power ranked 4th overall out of 18 insurers in 2021 for vehicle claims satisfaction.

Even if you have to go through the claim process, your rate may not increase. Customers who select specific upgrades have the opportunity to accumulate “Advantage Points” to drive safely, renew insurance, and refer other drivers. After an accident, you can use these points to keep your existing rate.

4. State Farm

State Farm

State Farm is a well-known insurer with higher customer satisfaction scores than other major competitors and fewer customer complaints because to its broad coverage and discounts for safe driving practices.

In the 2021 U.S. Insurance Shopping Study conducted by J.D. Power, State Farm, the largest personal auto insurer in the nation, came in second place among eight major insurers. It was named top overall in New York, Florida, and the Midwest in the same year, and sixth out of 18 firms for customer claims satisfaction.

In some jurisdictions, the corporation gives discounts to customers who own numerous vehicles, are skilled drivers, or have completed a defensive driving course. By following the rules and driving safely, you can get a discount on State Farm’s safe driving app.

5. Auto-Owners


Those who require multiple insurance plans may find it more convenient to combine them with Auto Owners, which have more coverage options and fewer complaints from customers.

Auto-Owners ranked fourth among the 12 midsize best car insurance companies in J.D.’s 2021 study. Power on consumer satisfaction on insurance purchases and ninth out of 18 businesses on customer satisfaction.

Auto-Owners has a driving log app if you live in Ohio. Depending on your driving habits, such as when you drive and the number of kilometers you log on, you may be eligible for a discount.

6. Travelers


Travelers, one of the best car insurance companies in the country, offers a variety of insurance options and discounts to allow you to tailor your auto insurance policy.

In some jurisdictions, Travelers save money by using the company’s telematics program, a system that monitors their driving. To prevent rates from increasing after an incident, optional policies allow forgiveness of an accident and a minor violation.

Travelers ranked sixth out of eight major insurers in J.D.’s 2021 study. Power on consumer satisfaction with insurance purchases. In 2021, Travelers was ranked 13th out of 18 businesses in terms of customer satisfaction with claims.

7. Root


With Root, your auto insurance rates are largely determined by your driving habits rather than your demographics, which makes it relatively unique.

When compared to a regular insurance company, drivers who excel in certain driving behaviors, such as braking and speed, can save a lot of money with Root.

Teen drivers often pay high auto insurance premiums because they are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident than older drivers. You can prove to Root that you are a safer driver than your contemporaries.

8. Progressive


While Progressive’s customer satisfaction ratings aren’t as good as those of other businesses, it still offers the majority of customers discounts and insurance options.

Depending on your status, Progressive offers different features and capabilities. Pet injury protection, including collision insurance and a deductible “savings bank,” that reduces your deductible to $50 per month on a zero-claims policy as little as $0, two of the more compelling innovations.

Progressive ranked seventh out of the eight best car insurance companies in J.D.’s 2021 U.S. Insurance Procurement Study. Power on customer satisfaction. Progressive is J.D. Power ranks 17th out of 18 businesses in 2021 in terms of customer satisfaction with their claim processing.

9. Auto Club Group

Auto Club Group

Auto Club Group coverage is usually only offered to members, but the benefits and savings may be enough to convince you to sign up.

Auto Club Group is a great choice for many motorists because it has a wider selection of discounts and significantly fewer auto insurance claims than other businesses of its size. However, you must join AAA before you can purchase insurance. Once you sign up, you’ll enjoy all of AAA’s benefits, including reduced room and board rates.

Carpooling and original equipment manufacturer coverage, in the event of a covered breakdown, will pay for replacement parts from the manufacturer, not aftermarket parts.

Auto Club Group has an app where you can manage both auto insurance policies and AAA memberships, as opposed to some AAA insurers.

10. Allstate


Allstate is one of the best car insurance companies using telecommunications technology. This telemetry gives you feedback on your driving style and gives you incentives to drive safely. Customers can save up to 40% when all offers are combined and get 10% instantly just for signing up.

Collision detection is a notable safety feature of Drivewise. Regardless of whether you are a driver or a passenger, it will recognize when you are in an accident and provide you with a notification offering to call 911 or roadside assistance.

When it comes to discounts on bundle services, Allstate also leads. When customers buy both plans, they can save 10% on auto insurance and 25% on home insurance. The plan is a very attractive option because Allstate home insurance policies come with flood coverage, unlike the policies of other service providers.

What’s more, Allstate offers coverage in Mexico for your own or rented car as you travel, in contrast to many of its rivals. As a result, they are an excellent choice for customers in Texas and other border areas.

Even so, Allstate’s low customer satisfaction ratings in J.D. Power’s 2020 auto insurance claims and customer satisfaction ratings could be cause for concern, especially since these ratings didn’t increase significantly in the auto insurance research. for 2022. (Note that the 2022 satisfaction statement survey has yet to be published.) Research Allstate’s service in your area to see if it’s right for you because Customer satisfaction varies from location to location.


Above are the top 10 best car insurance companies so far. With the complexity of traffic systems, it is very important to get insurance for your car to protect your car and your wallet. However, you need to be aware of the coverage of the insurance company before proceeding with the subscription selection and carefully research their insurance policies to best protect your interests.

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