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Top 4 best car interior cleaner products: Buying guide

Top 4 car interior cleaner products

After a long time of use, the car interior will become discolored, dirt or oil will stick to the details of the car due to the impact of the weather, the impact of sweat, and it loses the luxury of the car interior space inside. Therefore, we must clean the interior of the car by car interior cleaner products periodically to keep the value of the car, avoid the unfortunate consequences of the car when we use it.

However, the cost of car interior cleaner products at professional garages is extremely expensive, making not all of us eligible for regular cleaning. So what are the car interior cleaner products? Where to buy? What is the price, how much does it cost?… All these issues will be informed by us right below, take a moment to refer!

What is car interior cleaner products?

Car interior cleaner products are specialized chemical that help keep the car shiny and beautiful as when it was first purchased and help to remove dirt, stains, bacteria as well as deodorize unpleasant odors on the seat surfaces. felt, leather inside the car. In addition, this is a necessary product to help remove stains, stains or old … clinging to the inside of the “love car”. For each part or area of ​​the vehicle, you must use a separate solution for the best effect.

Advice on choosing to buy car interior cleaner products

The car interior cleaner products made from different materials such as leather, felt, plastic, etc. So when choosing interior cleaning chemicals, you should choose specialized car interior cleaner products so as not to damage the surface of the material inside the car. The type of interior cleaning solution you should choose must be a neutral solution with a pH of 7. This is the safest level for all surface materials, and at the same time does not affect the skin of the hands or the health of the user.

It’s a mistake and a pity if you’re for a little thrifty or a little over the top that mixes dish soap to make washing water for the car’s leather seats. With this method, the leather car seats will be as clean as the dishes, but common household cleaning chemicals contain a lot of bleach, very high alkalinity and over time will adversely affect the color. Material, elasticity, softness of leather seats in cars.

Top 4 best car interior cleaner products

Car interior cleaner products play an extremely important role in ensuring that the seating area, taplo or car floor is clean and safe in terms of health for the driver and occupants. Here are a few products you should consider using to clean car interiors:

1. Sonax car interior cleaner

Sonax car interior cleaner

Sonax’s information car interior cleaner

  • Model: Sonax Interior Cleaner Limpia tapices
  • Origin: Germany
  • Capacity: 500ml is the most common volume level sold on the market. Ingredients: non-ionic surfactants, anionic surfactants
  • Design: spray bottle
  • Uses: Comprehensive cleaning of dirt on the surface of leather, plastic …


Sonax car interior cleaner has a pleasant, durable aroma, has the ability to neutralize odors and helps remove tobacco, musty or pet odors as well as other unpleasant odors … suitable when Used for automotive interior environments such as leather steering wheel, leather interior details or living room.

Thanks to the foaming formula, the detergent penetrates deeply into the fibers of the fabric and felt and breaks the bond between the dirt and the surface to be cleaned deep inside the fabric, helping to clean effectively and thoroughly.

Besides, Sonax has the ability to clean the ceiling and leather seats. In particular, for leather seats, Sonax both cleans and helps prevent cracking, softening, restoring gloss, limiting discoloration, and increasing the life of leather seats. In addition, Sonax car interior cleaning solution is also suitable for leather items at home or office. The product is famous and widely used all over the world.

2. 3M car interior cleaner

3M - car interior cleaner products

3M’s information car interior cleaner

  • Product: 3M Leather & Vinyl Restorer 39040 473ml
  • Capacity: 473 ml
  • Origin: USA

Advantages of 3M car interior cleaner

3M car interior cleaning product has a spray bottle design with the effect of deep cleaning and conditioning surfaces made of leather, plastic, and rubber inside the car interior, providing a clean and shiny appearance. like-new smooth feeling for interior materials.

Usage is extremely simple, just spray on the interior surface with two outstanding functions.

Maintenance, anti-aging for leather, plastic, rubber surfaces, leaving no greasy stains.

The product lines of 3M car interior cleaner products are popular today, including:

  • 3M 39040 car interior maintenance spray bottle
  • Bondo black resin recovery solution 0800
  • Anti-fog solution for car glass 08889.

3. Quik Interior Detailer

Quik Interior Detailer- car interior cleaner products

Meguiar’s Quik Interior Detailer is the ideal product for those of us who are looking for a quick, affordable spray to clean the interior of our cars. The cleaner performed admirably, passing our butter test, and didn’t leave any streaks or residue behind.

It has a faint aroma and is not as potent as some of the other cleaners on our list. However, it has a protective component to keep surfaces looking spotless for longer. This is the finest economical option if you want a cheap, efficient interior cleaner.

4. Liqui Moly 1682 car interior cleaner

Liqui Moly 1682 car interior cleaner

Liqui Moly 1682’s information car interior water

  • Brand: Liqui Moly
  • Origin: Germany
  • Capacity: 250ml

Advantages of the product:

A high alkaline, phosphate-free cleaning solution that is highly effective in rapidly separating and cleaning concentrated areas of dirt, even on alkaline resistant surfaces.

Can be diluted with water when using, saving costs.

Non-flammable and biodegradable.

Does not fade the color of the screws and cause damage to car parts such as the electrical system, leather seats, felt.

Does not affect materials such as metals, plastics (except polycarbonate and PMMA), wood, glass, rubber, dry varnishes as well as textiles if used correctly.

Gently and thoroughly cleans contaminants containing soot, dirt, grease as well as brake dust, insect remains and bird droppings on varnishes, metals, chromium, plastics and textiles (wraps, materials, etc.) interior decoration, advertising, floor mats and luggage compartment).


You should take care and periodically clean the interior of the car with specialized cleaning solutions on a regular basis to minimize odors from cigarette smoke, food debris or mold, which helps prolong the life of car interior components.

At the same time, with the aromas from these car interior cleaner products, the interior space will become airy, the fragrance will last for a long time and create a more comfortable feeling for the driver and passengers on every journey.

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