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Top 10 Honda Cars- The Most Iconic Models Ever

Top 10 Honda Cars

Honda a name that is too familiar to car lovers. Besides the success in the field of 2-wheelers, Honda has also grown to become the 6th largest car manufacturer in the world and 2nd in Japan. The models of this brand are not only guaranteed in terms of quality, but Honda’s prices are also very competitive, so they receive the choice of a large number of customers around the world. Continue reading the following article to get the latest updates about the Top 10 Honda Cars.

Top 10 Honda Cars- The Most Iconic Models Ever

1. Honda Jazz

Top 10 Honda Cars

For the female market segment with the B-sized hatchback model, the Honda Jazz series with 6 optional colors gives customers many opportunities to choose according to their preferences and aesthetic tastes. Not only impressive in the number of car colors, but Jazz also conquered by its compact size, quite easy to rotate, suitable for infrastructure and narrow roads. Honda Jazz is welcomed by fans with the price of $25000

2. Honda Brio- one of the Top 10 Honda Cars

In order to compete with famous names like Hyundai Grand I10, Kia Morning, or Toyota Wigo in the small car segment, Honda has launched the Brio line. Presented for the first time in the market in June 2019, this model was launched in 3 versions: G, RS, and RS 2 colors to give customers many different choices. In the market, the price of the Honda Brio is ranging from $18000 depending on the version.

Top 10 Honda Cars

Honda Brio impresses customers first with its youthful and dynamic appearance. Moreover, the car also owns a 1.2L SOHC gasoline engine with 4 cylinders in line with i-VTEC + DBW technology. Therefore, the car operates stably, the maximum power reaches 90Ps/6000rpm, and the maximum torque can be up to 110Nm/4800rpm.

3. Honda City

Referring to the B-segment sedan segment in our country’s car market, the name Honda City is the most outstanding product. Not only possessing a sporty design, but the car also shows durability and superiority over time. Customers can own a Honda City model at a reasonable price.

Top 10 Honda Cars

The vehicle is equipped with an advanced engine system and modern technologies. Combined with the CVT gearbox, front-wheel drive system, and CTV automatic transmission helped the car brings a great experience to users. Along with that is the fuel consumption of only about 6 liters / 100 km. Moreover, the price of Honda City cars is extremely attractive.

4. Honda Civic

Top 10 Honda Cars

If you are looking for a C-size sedan that is imported and distributed in our country today, the Honda Civic is the perfect choice for you. The 2019 version does not have many changes compared to its predecessors, but they bring innovation in design. Elegant beauty has conquered the tastes of many customers. Depending on the version, the price of the Honda Civic is different.

5. Honda HR-WORLD


Introduced for the first time in the cherry blossom country market, the Honda HR-V has quickly become one of the brand’s successful products. And when entering the market, they have also conquered many customers for themselves. Currently, the HR-V has a fairly reasonable selling price. Owning a 1.8L i-VTEC engine, the car can reach a maximum capacity of 141 horsepower, and maximum torque of 172 Nm. Combined with a CVT gearbox and Earth Dream Technology to help the car operate smoothly and environmentally friendly.

6. Honda BR-DRAW


The Honda BR-V model is in the B-segment Crossover SUV segment. BR-V was first introduced in August 2015 at the Gaikindo Indonesia international auto show with outstanding design and irresistible charm. Currently, this model has not been sold in the market. If the Honda BR-V returns to our market, the price of the car will probably be much more expensive.

Honda BR-V uses a 1.5L SOHC i-VTEC engine block for a maximum capacity of up to 150 horsepower and maximum torque of about 145Nm when the car is about 4000 rpm. Comes with an Earth Dreams CVT gearbox. With this engine block, Honda BR-V is considered to be quite powerful when compared to competitor Toyota Avanza.

7. Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey is a name that is often mentioned when referring to the luxury 7-seat minivan market segment. Odyssey owns a luxurious design inside and out. Along with being fully equipped with high-class facilities combined with full safety through advanced technology, Honda Odyssey has conquered many customers, even in a fastidious market like the US.

8.  Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V is one of the names chosen by a large number of customers. CR-V regularly enters the list of cars with the best sales of the month. Customers who want to own this model need $1,207,155 excluding additional costs.

Getting love on the market is thanks to the eye-catching design beauty. Along with that is the stable operation, the engine is durable over time. Maximum power reaches 188 horsepower, and maximum torque of 240Nm helps the car to reach speeds of up to 200km/h.

 9. Honda Accord

Top 10 Honda Cars

Honda Accord is one of the Top 10 Honda Cars in the D-segment of the Honda car manufacturer. Along with Toyota Camry 2019 or Mazda 6 2019, Accord has brought to the market a fierce battle.

Honda Accord is equipped with a 2.4L engine with 4 cylinders in line combined with Earth Dreams Technology that helps the car get a capacity of 175Hp, maximum torque of 225 Nm. Adding a 5-speed automatic transmission, and an LED lighting system has given users a superior, fuel-efficient, and environmentally friendly car.

10. Honda Ridgeline Sport 2022

Honda Ridgeline Sport 2022

The new Honda Ridgeline Sport 2022 appeared most recently after 2 years of absence from the market. This model has been launched by the Honda brand with many outstanding upgrades, accompanied by modern technology and a powerful engine block. The appearance of the Honda Ridgeline Sport 2022 promises to put a lot of pressure on the competition with cars in the same segment such as the Ford Raptor, Toyota Tacoma, or Chevrolet Colorado.


Above is the latest updated Top 10 Honda Cars for November 2022. To know the exact price you have to pay for a car from the Honda brand, you should contact your dealer. Through discounts and promotions, you will own a genuine car at a more economical price. Thank you for reading our article about the Top 10 Honda Cars.

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