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The 4 Best Diagnostic App For Android You Should Know

Test Your Android

You may be curious to learn the cause of a misbehaving Android smartphone or tablet if you possess one. You should only send an item in for repair or use its warranty after being sure it cannot be fixed on your own. You must have at least one app that can assess a Diagnostic App For Android in order to do so. The Play Store contains so many apps, though, that you might not know which one to pick. We choose to verify a lot of them ourselves and compile a list of the finest in order to assist you. Here is our selection of the top Diagnostic App For Android for monitoring your device’s health:

The 4 Best Diagnostic App For Android You Should Know

1. Phone Doctor Diagnostic App For Android

One of the Best Diagnostic App For Android of this sort is the Phone Doctor Plus app. It provides you with a clear picture of what is going on within your Android smartphone in a comparatively easy way. In addition to being simple to use, Phone Doctor Plus is thorough when it comes to performing tests and identifying every element of your Android smartphone.

Diagnostic App For Android

A total of 30 tests are included in Phone Doctor Plus, including those for the following components: multitouch, touch screen, earphones and microphone, speaker and microphone, call function, accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor, display, compass, storage, memory, and spec check. Additional tests include those for the CPU, camera, vibration, flash, earphone jack, GPS, 3G chip, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, silent and volume control buttons, home button, sleep button, and temperature sensor.

There are several things to check to verify if your Android smartphone is in good shape. Our advice is to use Phone Doctor Plus, which is by far the finest Diagnostic App For Android of its sort that we have tested if you just plan to use one app from our list. The fact that Phone Doctor Plus is totally free is an additional benefit. You are not forced to pay anything to access it, and there are no adverts of any type.

2. Test Your Android

Test Your Android offers information about your Android smartphone or tablet as well as a number of tests you can do to identify any problems you may be having. Test Your Android offers tests for display colors, touchscreen, multi-touch, camera, fingerprint, flashlight, sound and vibration, microphone, NFC, location, steps sensor, temperature, compass, light sensor, accelerometer, proximity sensor, pressure sensor, and gravity sensor. All of these tests are available through a simple and user-friendly interface.

Diagnostic App For Android

There is also a system monitor feature where you can view real-time information on your processor, network, and memory usage. Although the Test Your Android app is available on the Play Store for free, you should be aware that it contains adverts.

3. Phone Check Application

Phone Check (and Test) differs from the other Diagnostic App For Android in our roundup in that it takes a different method, akin to a Windows computer’s installation procedure. It enables you to choose the tests you wish to perform and then executes them sequentially, assisting you in identifying the issues with your Android smartphone.

Phone Check Application

Phone Check (and Test) includes tests and checks for the following: device information, battery and charging socket test, Wi-Fi and telephony, network gateway ping, microphone, speaker, headphone jack, vibration, dead pixels, bright pixels, color consistency, touchscreen, network and GPS location, camera, and flash, supported sensors check (such as proximity, light, accelerometer, pedometer), thermal stress, CPU, memory, storage, battery usage, and temperature reporting. After the tests are complete, you receive a thorough report with all the findings as well as a conclusion regarding the overall health of your device.

Although it is free to use, the Phone Check (and Test) app contains ads. There is also a Pro version that doesn’t have ads and includes additional Bluetooth, NFC, and fingerprint tests.

4. Sensors Multitool

The app Sensors Multitool is not a full-device health checker. It does not test the CPU or RAM of your smartphone, but it shines at providing you with comprehensive information about the sensors that are present on your Android device. You may get information about the gyroscope, compass, light sensor, magnetic sensor, pedometer, proximity sensor, and other sensors using its simple and user-friendly interface. If it’s a sensor, Sensors Multitool can read data from it to assist you in issue diagnosis.

Sensors Multitool 

Although you may download and use Sensors Multitool for free, there are adverts at the bottom of the screen. But unlike other Diagnostic App For Android, this one allows you to turn off adverts for free by simply altering an option in the menu. The only reason the developers ask you to keep showing ads is so they can keep the app up to date. It is a tactful way to reward them for their excellent work.


There is a good chance that you are reading this article because your Android tablet or smartphone is giving you trouble. We hope that our list has assisted you in finding the best Diagnostic App For Android, even though that may not be the happiest reason you are reading it. Please feel free to share any additional similar Diagnostic App For Android you may know in the comments section if you think they belong in our compilation.

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