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How To Cancel GAP Insurance? Everything You Need To Know

How To Cancel GAP Insurance

How To Cancel GAP Insurance? It makes sense to get gap insurance at the start of your loan term. Many individuals are unaware of how simple it is to end up with more debt than your automobile is truly worth following an accident!

You can terminate your gap insurance since there is now a break-even threshold between the principle of your auto loan and the vehicle’s real cash worth. Contact your gap insurance provider to cancel. This is often your bank, auto dealer, or insurance provider. Here is our article to guide you on How To Cancel GAP Insurance? Let’s explored

What is the GAP Insurance?

The popular supplemental insurance option known as GAP, or Guaranteed Asset Protection, pays the difference between the principal balance of your loan and the actual cash worth of your automobile if it is declared a total loss.

New automobiles lose much of their value immediately after being driven off the lot. Most new car owners will have more debt than their vehicle is worth due to depreciation—at least in the beginning phases of paying off the auto loan.

How To Cancel GAP Insurance

When your automobile is totaled, say you owe $20,000 on your loan but it is only worth $15,000, gap insurance will pay the remaining $5000 up to the amount. For this reason, anyone who leases less than 50% of their loan paid off, or has a high-interest rate on their auto loan may find gap insurance to be appropriate.

How To Cancel GAP Insurance?

Normally, gap insurance is cancellable whenever you choose. However, if you have a rented car, your leasing company could insist that you maintain your gap coverage. You might decide to end your coverage for a number of reasons, such as selling your car or changing gap insurance companies. When your loan balance is less than the car’s actual cash value, you can also cancel. If you’ve already paid for your coverage in full, you might be eligible for a refund for your gap insurance.

Here’s How To Cancel GAP Insurance to terminate your gap insurance policy.

  • You can cancel GAP Insurance if:

It’s time to terminate your gap insurance coverage if the remaining balance on your loan is less than the market value of your automobile.
If your automobile is totaled, there won’t be any space left to fill. You will now just be paying for additional insurance that you won’t use.

  • You can not cancel GAP Insurance if:

Gap insurance may be a wise purchase if you are upside down on your loan (debt more than your automobile is worth). Consider delaying cancellation until you are no longer in the negative if you don’t want to be left with debt in the event that your automobile is totaled.

In general, those who lease, have less than 50% of their loan paid off, made a small down payment, or have a high-interest rate on their loan would benefit most from gap insurance.

How To Cancel GAP Insurance

Note: Progressive offers loan/lease payback coverage, which is similar to gap coverage but differs in a few significant ways, in most states. The payment for loan/lease payback coverage is restricted to no more than 25% of your vehicle’s worth, which is one of the key variances. The precise cap, though, varies per state. Additional fees associated with a loan or lease, such as financing charges and over-mileage fees, are not covered by loan/lease repayment.

How To Cancel GAP Insurance and receive a refund?

Here’s How To Cancel GAP Insurance that may be obtained from a car dealership or an auto insurance company.

1. How to terminate your insurance company’s gap coverage?

It is simple to end your gap insurance coverage if you are ready to. Simply give your insurance company a call and inform them that you want to terminate your gap insurance coverage. You might be able to quickly and easily change your coverage online with some insurance carriers. If you use an app or website to close your gap, make sure to thoroughly read the terms of your new policy thereafter.

2. How To Cancel GAP Insurance with the dealer?

How To Cancel GAP Insurance

You must call the dealer and ask them to end your coverage if you want to get rid of your gap insurance from them. Dealership premiums might make things a little confusing, but you should generally be able to receive a refund for the coverage you didn’t use.

There is never a requirement for gap insurance. However, before you drive your financed automobile off the lot, your dealership can need you to purchase a gap insurance plan. Even if you don’t want to completely rescind your gap insurance coverage, Jerry will probably be able to find you a better deal.

How to figure out the GAP insurance refund?

You can determine your gap insurance return if you paid your complete payment upfront to have a better picture of what to anticipate. Check your gap insurance coverage’s policy expiration date first. Now calculate the premium you paid for your gap insurance. You can contact them for the facts, but the majority of top insurance companies will make this information readily available online or through their mobile apps.

How To Cancel GAP Insurance

Divide the total number of months your policy will be in effect when calculating your overall premium payments. Your monthly policy expense is this. Next, divide this sum by the number of months still left on your insurance coverage.

Consider purchasing a $600 gap insurance policy with a 24-month coverage duration. Let’s also assume that you are qualified for full reimbursement in accordance with the rules of your insurance policy. It will cost you roughly $25 each month. With 11 months left on that insurance, you should expect to receive a total return of roughly $275.


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